How do you help independent artists?

MVK Music Group bridges the gap between independent artists and the industry elite.  We are the new way for indie artists to connect with the right  people in the music industry.  We also help with things like obtaining endorsements, getting additional PR and press, providing day to day business consultation, and much more. We provide everything an artist needs to produce, create, market, and distribute their music.  Under the MVK Music Group umbrella, you’ll have a team of professionals, working around you to brand and manage your career.

I need management, can you help me?

Yes, your first step is to send us an email to with “Management Request” in the subject line and the following info in your email: Your band’s name, band member names/instruments played, where your band is from (city / state), social media profile links, music links, any music videos to share, and why you are seeking management through MVK Music Group.

How many artists/ bands will you manage?

We prefer to keep our managed artist roster to a brief list in order to provide our roster of managed artists with our utmost attention, and not spread ourselves too thin. As our staff / team grows, so does our ability to take on more artists. With that being said, we always keep a look out for new talent, so we strongly recommend that you submit a management request if you are interested.

Do you take on every artist or band that you receive management requests from?

No. Although we would love to help many artists & bands achieve their music career goals, we can only manage a select handful. If we do not decide to accept you after reviewing your request, we will provide you with any feedback on what you or your band can do to improve. We always invite you to come back once you have had some time and the opportunity to work on those things!

If I become a managed artist / band with MVK Music Group, will I have a set manager?

Yes! Although we work on behalf of all of our artists as a collective management group, we do assign every artist / band with a main point of contact manager to handle any day to day stuff and act as your main go-to person for communication.

What genres of music do you look for to manage or to work with through the other services you offer?

We pride ourselves on being a diverse music management & development company. We typically work with artists from everything from rock & alternative to country to folk rock and indie to reggae. We do not however, typically work with hip hop or mainstream pop artists.

My band already has management, do you offer other services?

Yes! We offer more than just Artist Management, so if you or your band is looking for various Artist Development services, help with marketing & promoting your music, custom logo / website or EPK design, merch design or Stage Scrim / backdrop production, playlist pitching, or a myriad of other services, we can help! Visit the links below for more information:

Artist Development

Promotions & Marketing

Merch Design & Production

Recording Services

How much do your artist development & merch design services cost?

Our services and prices vary. Once you reach out to us to let us know what services you are in need of, we will provide you with a custom price quote. If you would prefer to provide us with a price point that is comfortable for you, we create a game plan to accommodate all that you need within that price range. 

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