The New Movement in Artist Management

At MVK Music Group, we focus on a modern style of artist management, as the music industry is always evolving and changing. We offer a multitude of management services to fit the needs of each artist. In addition to the day-to-day business management and advising that we offer our artists, we also handle the following:

  • Booking / Touring
  • Publicity / PR
  • Radio & Media Interviews
  • Magazine and Online Publications & Interviews
  • Press Interviews
  • Radio & Streaming Airplay
  • Media & Guest Appearances
  • Business Deals & Negotiations
  • Endorsements
  • Industry Connections
  • Business Deals
  • Social Media Management & Growth Strategies
  • Advanced Marketing
  • EPK Design & Setup
  • Promotions
  • Legal Counsel & Assistance (through our legal counsel)
  • Financial Management & Budgeting
  • Merchandise Design & Production
  • And Much More!

While we act on behalf of all of our artists, each of our artists is paired with a personal experienced Artist Manager to provide them with a dedicated point of contact who handles all of the artists’ day-to-day needs.

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