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MVK Music Group is a full service music entertainment management company based in Orlando, FL that caters to independent, emerging recording artists. At MVK Music Group, we are paving the way for artists who want to join the new movement in music management & promotions, free from the restraints of traditional mainstream labels and management companies. We believe that the artists should retain their creative freedom and have the ability to take off under our guidance, by looking out for each of our artist’s best interests.

MVK Music Group provides a multitude of services that an artist needs in order to produce, create, market, distribute, promote, and brand their music under our guidance and management. Our Staff is dedicated to helping our managed artists take their music careers to the next level. We focus on managing each artist’s business needs so that they can focus on what they love…making music. We do not treat every artist we manage as the same. We take time to evaluate every artist on an individual basis in order to come up with a business plan that is strategically set for them.

​We offer everything an artist needs from Management to Artist Development, Branding & Promotions, Recording & Production, Publicity, Sales & Distribution, Booking & Touring, Merchandise Design & Production and much more.

MVK Music Group: The New Movement in Music Management & Promotions

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